For Donors

Individual Philanthropists

What do you hope to accomplish with your philanthropic gifts? A brief but thorough assessment will help me to develop a clear understanding of your particular giving interests and identify suitable options for your consideration and ultimate investment. Together, we will get to the heart of the causes that are important to you, the ones that inspire you to make your “dash” in life much more meaningful. I will also walk you through the tax advantages of charitable giving and the many giving options available to you. What I can’t answer, I will direct you to the trusted tax professionals I work with regularly.

As a donor, you want to know that you are making a difference, so I will continue to work directly with you and the charity or charities you are supporting long after you have made your gift. I will ensure that a donor impact report tracking the effectiveness of your generosity is prepared for you. A deeper relationship between you and the organization you support can be incredibly satisfying, while providing your charity of choice the support they need to further their mission.

Corporate Philanthropy

Forbes recently published an article suggesting that when businesses engage with their communities, they boost visibility and brand awareness while building valuable long-term relationships. I have personally witnessed how businesses benefit when they make a commitment to their communities through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and philanthropic giving programs.

My simple assessment and evaluation process will help you to determine what is important to your company and what direction you would like to take, whether you are preparing to launch a philanthropic giving program or enhancing your existing program. Being a good corporate citizen becomes a potent factor when consumers decide what services or products to purchase, but by sponsoring or taking part in community programs, or by enabling employee volunteerism, your company will reap multiple benefits as a result, including a happier workforce.

Employee and Community Engagement

Productivity amongst employees has been shown to increase up to 30 per cent when employers demonstrate that they care and are committed to their community. Supporting a charity can also serve as an excellent team bonding opportunity through employee engagement programs. What better way to galvanize the enthusiasm and loyalty of your employees than to demonstrate your company’s support of your community?

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