About Lois

The genesis of Harmonia and by extension, me, is wrapped up in a childhood that lived and breathed philanthropy every single day.  Having grown up in a very small community in rural Quebec, the symbiotic desire of our family and our community to depend on one another was just the way it was.  There were no strategic planning meetings or formal processes put in place for deciding who was going to do what.  Needs were identified and then people came together to make things happen….it was really that simple.

So, armed with a childhood steeped in values and compassion for people, in addition to a steadfast work ethic, I have taken that amazing start to my life and added on another 30 years of philanthropic experience working directly with many levels of the charitable sector. This led me to create Harmonia and I am beyond thrilled that my life has taken me in this direction.

I am married to a wonderful man and a proud step-mom to his two children and an equally proud mother of two well-rounded young adults who would be the first to tell you that my humble beginnings played a very big part in their own childhood development.  Stories of how I impressed upon them how fortunate they were to have a nice house to live in, to have toys to play with, and to have dishes to clean, instilled in them a profound sense of gratitude that made giving back a fundamental part of our family life, much like in my own childhood.

There’s much work yet to be done to connect people with charitable organizations throughout our community and country and I am making my next 30 years about doing just that.

Please reach out to me and I will ensure that your connections to people and causes and community are equally rich and fulfilling.