HARMONIA was inspired by my lifelong commitment to strengthening the relationships between donors and charitable organizations.

A Dash of Inspiration

The story of the priest who challenged mourners at a funeral to reflect on the significance of the little dash between one’s date of birth and the date of one’s passing has stuck with me over the years, and I have spent my days since aspiring to deepen my impact on the charities I work with, thanks to his thought-provoking question: What do you want your dash to mean? In other words, what will you purposefully accomplish in your lifetime that is related to something or someone other than yourself?

I, too, believe that purpose and meaning are most often defined by what we do for others, and that little dash could be very profound if we choose to make it so. Charities, individual donors and corporate philanthropists are all striving to do good and to give back. We can do even better when we work together in harmony.

Bringing people together for a common good has been my passion and my profession for over thirty years. It has been an honour to work alongside some of the most amazing local, national and international charitable organizations. Throughout this humbling journey, I have been able to build strong and sustainable fund development and community engagement programs while helping to repackage others through strategic planning and rebranding exercises that have allowed these organizations to thrive.

Harmonia’s Mission

To help create, strengthen and deepen the relationship between donors and charitable organizations.